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Living with HIV/AIDS

The Japan HIV Center (JHC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in order to provide support for those affected by HIV/AIDS in Japan, regardless of means of infection, nationality, sexuality.

JHC was founded in Osaka in 1988 by HIV positive people and their friends and supporters. Branches were subsequently opened in Tokyo('89), Shikoku('92), Nagoya('93), Hyogo('95), Okayama('96), Sasebo('96). We have approximately 500 individual members nationwide, including medical service providers (doctors, nurses, social workers, etc.), counselors, retired persons, part-time workers, lawyers, business people, part-time workers, lawyers, business people, home-makers, and students.

We provide support not only to people with HIV/AIDS, but also to their families and friends, people with anxiety related to fear of infection, and generally anyone suffering from this disease. We have opened Living Centers with accommodation in Tokyo and in Osaka where people with HIV/AIDS can gather and share their experiences.

Our aim is to help realize a society free of discrimination where the human rights of all are respected.


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