JHC Activities

HIV/AIDS Hotline

JHC maintains a staff of trained hotline counselors who provide information and counseling concerning HIV infection and AIDS in Japanese (in 3 cities) and in English (Tokyo). A Positive Persons Hotline in Tokyo are also available.
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Care Support

JHC provides extensive training for staff and volunteers to become "buddies" and "peer buddies", people who provide direct assistance to people with HIV/AIDS, both in the hospital and at home. Our care support services include counseling, nutritional support (often at the client's home), nursing, and home-help visits as well as medical social work.

Care Support and Information for Non-Japanese

All care support services (counseling in English, medical social work etc.) and information (where and how to get an HIV test etc.) are provided for non-Japanese, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, visa status in Japan or economic circumstances. We are also in contact with NGOs in other countries and we can provide information about these NGOs if required.


Representing people living with HIV/AIDS, JHC petitions the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and other governmental bodies concerning current situations. JHC often protests against specific cases of human rights abuse. We also utilise the media to further our message and we work with business groups and trade unions in order to promote greater awareness of HIV/AIDS issues with the aim of raising awareness that HIV/AIDS affects everyone.

Public Awareness and Education Activities

Through distributing pamphlets published by JHC, conducting lectures and seminars in the workplace and for medical and public health staff, and introducing books, video tapes, posters, and other educational materials, we provide vital, practical information to the public through grass-roots activities. In addition, study meetings are held with instructors from numerous fields.

Young for Young Sharing Program (YYSP)

JHC education activities include a peer education program for young people, conducted in schools and other venues throughout Japan on request. This program is called the Young for Young Sharing Program and the young people who conduct the program rather than 'teach' the young people participating, aim to 'share' experiences and knowledge with them, through workshops and interactive discussion, on a truly peer level.

VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing)
HIV antibody test・Counseling

  • Pre and Post HIV test counseling
  • HIV antibody test
  • Providing individualized and specific information about safer sex
  • Support for people with HIV

VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) is an effort to encourage people who want to take an HIV antibody test to decide voluntarily whether to take it or not through counseling. To protect people’s health and lives, we provide a time and place easily accessible to them. The main pillars of VCT are to encourage specific behaviors such as safer sex, and to increase access to treatment and care support for people with HIV

Research & Presentation

JHC is involved in research to evaluate and improve our many programs. We received a research grant from the Japanese government to conduct surveys and provide analysis concerning partnerships between Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations; this research contributes to official strategies and policies concerning HIV/AIDS. We also make strong efforts to ensure that this information is available to the general public through our national presentation seminar tours which we conduct annually, our web site and publication and distribution activities.

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